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I'm Bex

I am an Audio Witch who has been editing for over 10 years. Having worked in commercial radio for 6 years between: Mix 96.5, 105.7 The Point, & 106.5 The Arch. Soon after leaving radio, I created Explain to Me in 2017. A Podcast centered around the perspective of BIPOC. These conversations commented on things such as social justice, society, pop culture, and aspects of it that just don't make sense. "Making sense of the melaninless." It was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to interview so many amazing folx, shaking up the narrative. A few years later came Tu Tía Bruja, a podcast about witchcraft, spirituality, and the abnormal; focusing on the perspective of BIPOC & Queer Folx. Since launching in June 2020, it has charted in Canada, Finland, Germany, the U.K., Spain, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, and the U.S. It has been a huge pleasure discussing magick and spirituality all over the world. 

When I am not editing audio, I am a practicing Bruja, who has been seriously learning the craft since 2015. Before that I was in touch with things beyond my control, and finally stopped being so afraid of the unknown. 

I really let my Bruja Flag fly by co-creating the Queers & Queens Tarot Deck. This project allowed me to connect to talented and magickal young womxn/folx all over the world.

Let's work together! I'm always looking to take on new clients.