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I'm Bex!

I'm an Audio Witch who has been fortunate enough to work in the field for over 10 years. While a Junior in college I started working at Mix 96.5 in Cape Girardeau. After moving back home to St. Louis I worked at 105.7 The Point, & 106.5 The Arch


Working at The Point, I was allowed to let my Indie Music Girl Fantasy play out. Working amongst literal rockstars and connecting to companies and brands here locally. During that time I started really digging into various metaphysical interests and social justice work.

But all fantasies come to an end. Soon after, I worked at The Arch. In 2019, I moved on from my time in Radio. Unable to leave my love of Audio, I pivoted my focus to editing podcasts in English and Spanish. Life has been very kind to me, I was able to build up a diverse portfolio,

by being true to myself. In addition to working on other podcasts, I started playing around with creating my own. Then in the Dumpster Fire year that was 2020, Tu Tía Bruja was born. Tu Tía Bruja is a podcast that focuses on conversations about witchcraft, ghosts, the occult, true crime, anti-racism, and the abnormal. Recorded mostly in English with episodes also available in Spanish. 


Since launching in June 2020, the show has charted within the Top 100 Spirituality Podcasts in Canada, Finland, Germany, the U.K., Costa Rica, Chile, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, Colombia, the U.S, and most recently Norway and New Zealand. It has been a huge pleasure growing my community all over the world.  It was even featured in People en Español!


Building community amongst witches and brujis is very important to me and has led to collaborations on many rad witchy projects. One I am very proud of is the Queers & Queens Tarot Deck. I helped co-create and promote this project. We met our Kickstarter goal in two days and doubled the amount within the month. I learned so much while working on this project, met so many Queer Magick Practitioners from all over the world, and truly learned the meaning of Divine Timing. 

Cannabis magick is something I heavily recommend for Spoonie Humans like myself. Kitchen Witchery has helped me expand my knowledge in regards to magick, food, and cannabis. In 2021 I collaborated with Levo Oil on a witchy gummy recipe

I also had the opportunity to work with pulsera marker and friend Berto Enriquez Cuevas to create a limited line of merch. Las Flores de Guadalupe X Tu Tía Bruja Pulsera Collection aims to create an accessory for every type of listener of the podcast. Including the Mystic, the Kitchen Witch, the Cannabis Witch, and the Basic Witch.

In 2023, I began teaching metaphysical courses. For 4/20 I taught a Cannabis Magick course at Sincerely The Craft in St. Louis. Additionally, I taught a Y2K Witch Course at Ritualcravt in Denver. 

Always looking to connect. Let's make some magick!

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